Our Mission

Welcome to THE BUSHMAN CARVING shop. We love what we do and it shows. Here you will
always find something different. I am one of few remaining folk carvers who still practices the exquisite art of hand wood carving. All of my work is done by hand, with woodcarving tools end techniques used in Europe for centuries. An art that will one day cease to exist. Modern technology and machinery are replacing the hand. Not only do my carving provide you with years of enjoyment, but future generations will benefit from your investment as through the years the value of these hand made works increase.
Mostly Alberta wood is used: Diamond willow, Poplar, Spruce, Pine, Birch, Caragana, Saskatoon and Alder. We never sand the carvings as we believe that the gouges & knife chisel marks establish the carvings unique personality. All lodge pole pine carvings and log furniture will show signs of cracking and checking. This is a normal occurrence, we cannot control nature. Each carving is one of a kind and it is impossible to replicate exactly. There are always variations. We specialize in carved posts. You can us them for bed railing swings benches chairs or ornaments. You see for example eagles, owls, rabbits, raccoons, bears, squirrel end funny faces.
Please feel free to mail or fax us a rough sketch and we will work with you. We are a relatively small carving shop. And we want to stay that way so we can concentrate on creating unique works and designs Special order carvings may take weeks depending on how busy we are, but your carvings will be worth waiting for. After all, you know it is one of kind and done by hand not power tools. All spindles, top, bottom and horizontal are made by axe and drive knife. Each large piece is signed LP and each small piece is signed L. We are always looking for new ideas and challenges!

Contact Information

Bushman Carving
E-mail: lukewpie@gmail.com
Telephone: 780-967-0609
FAX: 780-967-0609
Postal address: RR 3 Site 303 Box 30, Onoway, AB T0E 1V0